Women Learning To Be Unapologetic With Their Style Choices

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Confidence. Most of us have wrestled with an elusive je ne sais quoi. The question is: can it be inspirited by what you wear?

There’s no denying authority dressing has evolved since relying on shoulder pads and pinstripes for a bit of bravery. We no longer need a dazzling outfit to communicate confidence, but anyone with a love for fashion will tell you it can help expand the spirit, talent, and skills within.

Sassy Jones’s new display is here to do just that. Motivated by uber females, you’ll find a mix of mood-boosting tailoring and unfearful bright. These pieces are created to make you feel even more assured, whether you prefer thigh-high red boots, a metallic mini dress, or a sharp power suit.

Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all recipe for encountering your perfect power outfit. Sassy Jones invited a roster of successful and stylish women to reveal their methods, ideas, and tricks as inspiration.

For some, sartorial confidence comes from main accessories: a wide belt, a pair of cocktail earrings, some statement shoes (current favorites are yellow pointed mules à la Carrie), and a scraped back smooth hairstyle, typically a low middle-part bun.

For others, that might be a crisp man’s shirt worn with skinny trousers to give a strong silhouette; or a high-necked, long-sleeved long skirt that exposes nothing but fits like a glove and is somehow the fascinating thing of all. In truth, both of those are fine!

Sassy Jones is a global fashion and beauty brand that sells confidence—inspiring you to show up bolder than ever. As a company, Sassy Jones has dynamically shifted the perception of the lifestyle of many women by giving them an outlet to creatively and unapologetically express themselves.

Sassy Jones is an award-winning jewelry brand marketing enthusiasm while altering women’s lives worldwide. In 2013, Sassy Jones jump-started her brand with 3 fortes: the relentless passion for making a difference, her minivan, and her dining space. After much fear, she gathered enough money and confidence to showcase her products at a local trade show. 

Sassy Jones’ goal is to assist women to feel confident about themselves and shine brightly wherever they go. After three years, many customers worldwide shop at Sassy Jones effectively and in-store and also tune in weekly on all Wednesday nights to interact with them live on their Facebook portals. With a message, “nothing or no one can stop you except you.”

Charis Jones is the CEO and Chief Designer of Sassy Jones; the Rapidly-growing personally held retailer in the nation (Inc 5000). A self-learned designer with a stealth blend of grit and glamor, she leads courageous women across the globe to honor their brilliance and break free from the bars.

Under her supervision and dream, her brand has shaken the business and fashion market, reaching the 24th spot on the Inc. 5000 list and being named by Forbes as CEO of the top 25 small enterprises that flourished during the pandemic.

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