Which are the Best women’s Clothing Stores in the USA

Annette K. Brown

With the United States being the cultural powerhouse of the world, setting trends and redefining cultures, it is natural that the market for an industry as large as the women’s clothing industry is saturated and confusing to navigate. There is an abundance of stores to choose from, each stocking clothing that differs from the other in every way. Therefore, it is helpful to have a list of the best women’s clothing stores in the USA. Even with this list, you may find a clothing store that looks promising. You should look up the store’s reviews on an online reviewing platform to ensure its legitimacy. For example, you could look up a Bella wholesale review to find a previous customer’s account of their experience with buying from the company. In fact, you can look up the reviews of almost any women’s clothing store in the USA.


Nordstrom, founded in 1901 in Seattle, Washington, has grown to become of the most recognizable luxury department store chains in the USA. Its stores stock every luxury item of clothing you would need for day-to-day life, from workdays to the weekend, and it is one of the few places outside of the UK to find Topshop-esque clothing. In addition to offering well-known fashion brands, Nordstrom hosts pop-up shops that change their theme every few weeks. This means that customers will have a new shopping experience every few weeks with varieties of brands and types of clothing. Furthermore, these pop-up shops often stock exclusive accessories and merchandise. In addition, Nordstrom stocks athleticwear that rivals the best for well-fitting leggings and body-shaping workout clothing.


Paired with its award-winning content editorial, Porter, Net-A-Porter offers women a large variety of luxury clothing in magazine form. In other words, you get sent a well-written magazine that lets you digitally shop from what is featured. In addition, Net-A-Porter has partnered with over 450 well-known fashion brands, including Gucci, Givenchy, and Saint-Laurent, as well as over 200 beauty and cosmetic brands. Their stock is updated three times a week so you can stay on top of all the latest trends, and they specialize in designer garments that you would want to keep forever. Their high-end, polished wardrobe pieces emphasize the creativity of fashion designers, and the company promotes the next generation of fashion talent.


Shopbop, a subsidiary of Amazon, is a US fashion and accessories store for women. The company offers customers over 1000 ready-to-wear garments and accessories from well-established and emerging designers. Furthermore, the company specializes in sourcing and offering denim garments, such as jeans and jackets, that are rare and difficult to find. Like Net-A-Porter, the company also runs its editorials, debuts, encounters, and new arrivals reviews for your benefit. Unfortunately, the company owns no physical stores – only an e-commerce website that delivers throughout the United States. However, being a subsidiary of Amazon, deliveries are known to be efficient and accessible. Furthermore, customers with Amazon Prime memberships receive two-day shipping for free. 

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