What Time Does McDonald’s Serve Lunch? (Plus Hacks to Save Money)

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Absolutely sure, Egg McMuffins are good, but occasionally you crave a juicy Large Mac or Quarter Pounder mid-morning or want to buy anything off their mystery menu. But will McDonald’s basically provide you a burger or French fries ahead of lunch? This begs the issue, what time does McDonald’s serve lunch? So I went out and found anything you require to know. In addition I threw in a handful of revenue conserving hacks to get the most bang for your lunch dollars at McDonald’s.

What Time Does McDonald's Serve Lunch? (PLUS Hacks to Save Money)

What Time Does McDonald’s Provide Lunch?

10:30 a.m.

McDonald’s does not have the griddle space for eggs, sausage, hash browns, AND burgers…so lunch does not start off until 10:30 on weekday mornings.

Is the 10:30 a.m. Start Time the Identical on Weekends?


McDonald’s starts off serving lunch on Saturday and Sunday a tiny little bit later on at 11 am.

The rationale for this hold off is since they get a fairly sizable breakfast crowd on the weekend, and it takes them a small for a longer time to changeover the “kitchen” in excess of to lunch.

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What’s the Most up-to-date I Can Score an Egg McMuffin?

In between 10:45 and 11 am.

It could possibly not be hot off the griddle, but you can commonly purchase at 10:45ish and nevertheless get breakfast merchandise that have been manufactured, but not but sold.

Does McDonald’s Provide Fries in the Early morning?


If you’re like me, you’d Completely choose McDonald’s French fries above their hash browns, but sad to say you’ll have to hold out until eventually at the very least 10:30 a.m. to get your hands on some.

Does a “24 Hour” McDonald’s Serve Lunch Earlier?

Ordinarily no.

But some independently owned McDonald’s, that remain open 24 hrs, could start serving some lunch products as early as 9 am.

What Time Does the “Lunch” Menu Finish?

The lunch menu at Mickey D’s will continue to be open up until finally they lock the doors, which is generally at 10 or 11 pm depending on the locale.

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Give Me a Number of Lunch “Menu Hacks”…

So at the time you finally make it to McDonald’s for lunch, use these 3 clever hacks to get more foods for your revenue.

1 – Purchase a McDouble and check with for it “Like a Mac” – You’ll generally get a BigMac without the need of the middle bread and devote about a third fewer funds.

2 – Normally buy McNuggets in groups of 4 – If you want 20 nuggets, get 5 different containers of 4.

You are going to generally shell out way significantly less than if you ponied up for a box 20.

3 – Above 55 and would like a cup of espresso with lunch? – Just dine-in and check with for your free cup of coffee.

Not all Mickey D’s participate, but surely worth a shot.

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Talk to the Reader: Do you at any time crave a McDonald’s burger just before lunch? How do you get your repair?

By Kyle James

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