The Shared Inventory Conundrom – Retail Sales & Inventory Reporting

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By Jim Lewis, CEO Increased Retail Answers LLC

For quite a few a long time we have labored with purchasers and manufacturers that promote the identical SKUs to numerous retail outlets. They share a popular inventory which can make anticipating long term needs a problem. Some stores present a forecast, but most count on suppliers to keep sufficient stock to keep them in business. And now with quite a few brands likely direct to consumer by way of their individual web sites, handling shared inventory is even a lot more of a problem.

Standardizing Facts

The critical to finding a deal with on shared inventory is to make a bottoms-up forecast by SKU by retail account. Not just what is anticipated to promote, but how a lot just about every retailer will have to have to acquire to preserve their product stock. To do that you will need to have POS data for every account, a seasonality profile, and any regarded planned promotions. Individuals final 2 things can be unique dependent on the retailer’s philosophy. If income are not available, you can use previous shipments. Employing a desire scheduling system or your inner course of action, derive regular monthly stock necessities by retail account.


Most suppliers make an inventory report that only supplies overall units accessible and does not break it down by retail account. I have still to see an off the shelf inventory technique that handles the allocation or reservations by retailer suffering place. Even now, it wants to be finished. A ledger with obtainable to sell and operate in process by retail account demands to be held. Mainly, a reservation ledger. Reservations by SKU by retailer can be completed in Excel, making use of a tab with all the knowledge and a pivot table to present the specifics and total. If I lost you there, get in touch with us and we can support you.

Wholesale Inventory

Summarizing estimated gross sales or inventory needs by Retailer, by SKU by Month


Yet another key element to handling shared inventory is communication. If your organization has a number of salespersons, they may well each and every be making an attempt to sell the similar inventory. They require to know what the story is with every single merchandise. You can do that with a very good standing technique. The status can be reflective of the attitude towards the inventory. For instance, “S” could suggest strict- reserved by account. “F” could mean versatile, check reservation initial, or “O” for open, denoting there are no reservations, and all can be offered. The standing can be taken care of in the stock ledger stated above.

Completing the Ledger

The ledger can be done by adding in the current ATS (available to market) and factory orders aligned by thirty day period. Then you can do the math to project inventory positions at the close of every single month. Just about every corporation is distinctive, but the concept is to break every little thing down at the most affordable amount. Exception experiences can be derived from the ledger- inventory that hasn’t been taken when expected or projected below or around conditions.


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