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Annette K. Brown

It’s been so refreshing to connect and chat with you about the ever evolving media landscape. In case you missed it, I discuss my growing pains and thoughts on the changes we’re seeing in media here in this post. I felt truly seen, heard and understood for the first time in a long time.

Writing has always been cathartic for me. I find it incredibly healing and fulfilling. Sitting down, opening up, and writing that post, allowed me to have an epiphany. I realized, I haven’t been able to – until now – compartmentalize and separate the different social media outlets I’m on. I’ve always sort of lumped them all together in my mind, and created similar-ish content across all platforms. I wasn’t seeing and appreciating these platforms as the unique, individual places they are.

The other epiphany I had, is that I don’t need to be creating 11 different types of content across all of the platforms. That’s way too many types of content, and there’s no way I can give the 110% I want to give to each one. I’ve spent the last few days mulling over which ones will stay and which ones will go, and I wanted to share that insight for those of you contemplating eliminating a few platforms too.

Different Types of Content


Writing is something I truly enjoy, and it’s so nice to be able to share in a longer format. I still want to continue posting on here – especially now that I know so many of you love longer format content too! I can certainly understand why so many influencers today don’t have blogs though. Quality websites are expensive to maintain (I pay a monthly web developer, graphic designer, web host, and independent contractor), whereas other platforms like Instagram are free to run.

Instagram Photo Posts

Despite Instagram saying they’re now a video-first platform and rewarding those posting videos over photos, I still plan on posting some photos! I love photos, and hope that Instagram will eventually develop a separate tab for photos and Reels so we can choose how we want to view content.

Instagram Reels

My strategy with Reels is to post outfits in motion – and give you beautiful, fashion inspiration in the form of a video. This will allow you to see the way a dress moves, how a shirt fits, and add dimension to my looks. I personally think it’s always helpful to see movement in clothing before I purchase it.

Instagram Stories

I’ll continue posting a mix of lifestyle and fashion stories.

Instagram DMs

Over the years, I’ve messaged a handful of influencers with over 1M+ followers a fashion question and many have never gotten back to me/or even read the message. I never want that to happen when someone messages me, but I also get how hard it is to keep up with the hundreds of DMs coming in a day. Jesse is one of my closest friends and she’s been with me for 5 years, so she handles all of my DMs. She forwards me anything she doesn’t know the answer to, but she usually knows the answer to almost every question. You can also leave a comment on my latest Instagram post so I can answer it personally!


I’ll be posting videos on TikTok – think before/afters, DIYs, silly things that make me laugh, outfits, etc. I’m experimenting, and really trying to appreciate the platform for what it is. Rather than dilute or regurgitate content that you would find on my blog or Instagram – I’ll be creating completely unique content specifically for the app. I totally understand it may seem cringeworthy and not for everyone, so you absolutely do not have to follow me there. This is purely a business decision for me and we will see where it goes! I’m trying to keep an open mind, show a different side of myself, and embrace change. Again, we will see where it goes! Ancient millennial right here!


This is such a great app because you can follow all of your favorite influencers in one easy place and get links to everything they share on Instagram and/or other platforms. I post my outfits, sales, or things I’m loving on LTK multiple times a day.


I will no longer be updating my newsletter. I’ve built a huge list of subscribers which I am incredibly proud of, but I want to focus/hone in on the platforms I mentioned above.


I will no longer be updating my Pinterest.


I will no longer be updating my Twitter.


I will no longer be updating my Facebook.

Travel App

I’ll update my Travel App as I continue to travel, but luckily it’s already packed full of amazing spots I’ve visited around the world.

My Book

My book will finally be shipping at the end of October – get your copy here! I can’t wait to see you share recipes and tablescapes from it!

Whew that was a long list of platforms huh?! haha Anyways, I’m excited to be able to hone in on 6 – not 11 or 13 (I lost count!) – different kinds of content and in turn, create more diversified, quality content. I hope that you will follow and support me on any platforms that resonate with YOU moving forward! And please keep the blog post comments coming. It’s so nice to have these deeper, longer conversations with you in this format – it had been way too long. Thank you for your support always!!!

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