How to choose the best underwear like a pro at Cosmolle

Annette K. Brown

It is undeniable for every woman that to feel beautiful on the outside, you must first feel beautiful on the inside. That way, choosing the right underwear for women can completely change your day and even improve your mood. Although it doesn’t look like it and you may pay little attention, the underwear section is one of the most important in your wardrobe!

For that, you must learn to choose the best comfortable bra wisely and intelligently. Get to know your body and, above all, feel safer inside so you can project that security to the world. Wearing comfortable and beautiful lingerie makes any woman feel more confident and more feminine. 

Select the right size

Strangely, most women don’t know their actual bra size, for example, and end up wearing one size larger or smaller than ideal. Find the right size that fits your back width and chest volume, ensuring support without over-tightening the area. The same goes for panties and other accessories. Consider that size is crucial before buying a bra no matter how attractive you find a lingerie set, you should try it on first or check their website specs to make sure it’s the right size for you.

Invest in comfort

Comfort is perhaps the most important requirement when buying the ideal lingerie. There’s no point in spending money on a very colorful or sensual outfit if you end up feeling super uncomfortable when wearing it. Although this is related to the previous item, lingerie can often be your size, but still be uncomfortable. There is no doubt that the perfect underwear piece is one that is seamless, it would be ideal, because it makes you feel more comfortable and adapts to your personality so that you can be yourself.

Stick to neutral colors

The color of the underwear is also a factor as well. A black revolution bra or nude favors all skin tones, in addition to giving an elegant and sensual touch. There are bras in different colors and nuances, from the classic black and white, to the most daring, such as pink and purple. There are still those who abuse a certain extravagance with colors like orange and blue. But before selecting the color, you must define who you really are and what shade is right for you. Although the underwear cannot be seen, the shade is a very important factor in setting the tone for your look that expresses your personality at the moment. Otherwise, you’ll feel like you’re wearing a bra color that doesn’t represent you.

When and how to wear underwear

You can wear underwear whenever you want to add a special touch to your everyday life. There aren’t many rules about it, what matters is that you feel good and comfortable with the underwear you’re wearing. Whether for yourself to feel empowered or to make that moment for two even more special, good lingerie is indispensable in any women’s closet.

And you can insert the underwear in any occasion. While many women may have a concern when the bra strap is visible or when the lace underwear ends up showing through the blouse or shirt you are wearing, the new fashion trends indicate that showing lingerie as part of the look is everything!

Finally, don’t be afraid to try new things in the lingerie world, the Cosmolle store, is a reference when we talk about quality bra and underwear, it’s a good option for you! If you can change the type of pants and blouse you wear, why can’t you be bold in your underwear? There are many women who, for convenience, do not end up wearing the same model of panties and bra for years and years. Dare to look different wearing different underwear than usual and rediscover your most sensual side!

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