Is there a distinction between loungewear and sleepwear, you may be wondering. Technically, sure, but we really believe that if you absolutely want to, you can spend the entire day in your jammies.

We have some of the best home wear available, so bid adieu to the days of clothing changes and additional washing. Finding something to put on so you can take the garbage out without seeming nuts is always a pain. Probably for this reason, loungewear was developed. While loungewear and sleepwear are distinct categories, they do have certain similarities.


We were surprised to learn that there was a time before loungewear. Even while sleeping gowns have been available since the turn of the 20th century, many of them were modelled after the flapper fashion that was quite fashionable at the time. Some kind of nightgown is the first example of loungewear. Don’t be deceived by the comfort; this style of clothing was reserved for usage while sleeping indoors. Nobody would be seen outside their homes wearing only a nightgown.

Keep the pajamas. Simple loungewear should not be as ostentatious as an Egyptian Elizabeth Taylor, but it must be just as comfy. The purpose of loungewear is to ensure that you look good while remaining comfortable. You have arrived at the ideal location if you’re seeking for chic, handcrafted home goods.


Loungewear includes items like our Cocoon Cotton Poncho in Green. All seasons of the year are ideal, but summer is the best. There is no doubt that this would become your go-to summer loungewear due to the soft cotton fabric and a useful hood.


Don’t worry; robes fall into the fairly neutral area of being able to double as both loungewear and a component of your jammies. If you’re searching for a quick and simple way to cover yourself, you can put on a robe, but it’s not limited to that usage. Robes are ideal for wrapping up in after a long, luxurious shower. This calls for our Lavender Blue Muslin Cotton Bathrobe.

Our robes are constructed entirely of Turkish cotton with long staples. This indicates that in addition to being incredibly absorbent, it is also incredibly soft and ultra-lightweight. Probability is that when you wear it, it won’t be anything you want to take off. Hey, that’s the whole point. For those times when you aren’t quite ready to leave the comfort behind, it may be converted into a dressing gown.


The bathrobe is not the beginning and the end of loungewear. In reality, there are a number of garments designated specifically as loungewear. Although working from home or remotely has grown in popularity over the past few years, you cannot spend the rest of your life in pajamas. It’s in everyone’s best interest to feel comfortable because how you start the day sets the tone for the rest of it.


The process of deciding what to wear for the day can be really frustrating. By the time you’ve pulled an outfit together, half of your closet is strewn across the floor (but you still don’t feel comfortable in it).


You have the option of sticking with sweatpants and calling it a day, but you can also try loungewear. It was actually designed with comfort as its first priority. Its secondary goal is to maintain a professional appearance. Whether you’re looking for the ideal year-round robe or a go-to item to hang by the front door for supermarket errands, loungewear is available to you.