Everything You Need To Know About Halo Hair Extensions

Annette K. Brown

Who doesn’t wish to have the most flattering hair to enhance their personality? Every woman wishes for thicker and longer hair to look stunning. Halo hair extensions are simple hair extensions meant to give you longer and fuller hair. They are best for first-time users and convenient enough to wear on an everyday basis in just a few minutes. 

Rather than sewing in wefts or clipping, these hair extensions gently sit on top of your head which is secured with an invisible thin wire. The wire in the hair extension is not damaging at all. It is just like clip-in hair extensions which add instant volume and length to your hair without actually damaging it.

What Are The Different Types Of Hair Extensions?

Do Halo Extensions Shed Regularly?

Halo hair extensions definitely experience little shedding in their lifetime. When unboxing the extensions, you might experience some shedding but a quick brushing will fix it. 

The shedding subsides after you start using it. Just make sure that you brush your hair extensions periodically with a good brush to avoid shedding in the future. 

What Type Of Hair Does Halo Hair Extensions Suit Best?

These hair extensions are great for people with medium to thin hair types. When considering the length of the hair, it should be more than shoulder length. For people with thicker hair, a classic volume bundle will be a better option. 

Halo hair extensions generally come in a standard thickness of 180 grams which is not enough for people with short or thick hair. It might appear unnatural at the bottom of the hair if tried to blend in these types of hair.

Final Words

Halo hair extensions generally come with nylon wires that are of different sizes. The sizes are different to fit perfectly on different sizes of heads. These extensions stay for a good long time because they have wire and two clips on either side. These clips can be used for extra security if required. After applying it, the wire and clips together will keep the hair on the top without falling off.

Hair fall is a very common issue amongst women. Hair extensions are a good way to add life to natural hair and your overall personality. Halo hair extensions are pocket-friendly and less expensive than the clip-in extensions. It is also suitable for women who have sensitive scalps. You can flip your hair back and forth without thinking about the extensions falling out!


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