Do I Have Rosacea? A Quick Quiz

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If I experienced £1 for each individual instagram DM I get from somebody asking ‘do I have rosacea?’ followed by a flood of pics of their skin, I would be producing this blog site submit from a luxury beach hut (completely air-conditioned, shady, and with a massive supporter pointed at me… of class!) I am not medically or aesthetically properly trained but I know the worry and hopelessness a person can experience when they are midsection-deep in rosacea investigate and sensation even far more baffled than when they started. So I required to consider to help…

Some of the info in this put up has been rephrased from a site post I wrote 3 years in the past, which you can examine here, but I desired to see if I could make it clearer. I get concerns all the time – on social media and in my personal Fb group – wherever people are so doubtful if they have rosacea. They’ve browse all the facts they can discover, they’ve viewed and listened to other sufferers’ encounters, they’ve experimented with to fit their indicators into the prevalent descriptions of what rosacea seems and feels like… but they’re however bewildered.

So I imagined it would aid you to see how rosacea is *clinically* diagnosed. This info is taken from this short article on but it is quite dense and really hard to read through, so I summarised it for you under.

Let us protect the qualifications first shall we? Considering that 2002, we have categorised rosacea into 4 subtypes:

  • Subtype 1 (erythematotelangiectatic) – redness, visible damaged veins, and flushing.
  • Subtype 2 (papulopustular) – redness and fluid-crammed pimple and itchy bumps (in some cases unhelpfully recognised as acne breakouts rosacea).
  • Subtype 3 (Rhinophyma/Phymatous) – a thickening of the pores and skin, commonly on the nose.
  • Subtype 4 (ocular rosacea) – characterised by purple and sore eyes that frequently experience gritty.
  • There is also a Subtype 5 (neurogenic rosacea) which is rare and even now incredibly misunderstood. You can study extra about it here.

If you’ve carried out any form of research into rosacea, these will be familiar to you. Usually rosacea victims will refer to them selves as sort 1 or form 2, employing this as a catch-all description. Nevertheless, victims and physicians alike have found that these neat small boxes with labels are normally tricky to diagnose. Which is why healthcare specialists are transferring a lot more to phenotypes when it arrives to rosacea diagnosis.

These phenotypes are break up into DIAGNOSTIC, Significant and SECONDARY:

  • DIAGNOSTIC PHENOTYPES – To place it only, if you current with either persistent facial redness or facial skin thickening, this is now more than enough to get a rosacea diagnosis.
  • Important PHENOTYPES – Papules and pustules, flushing, telangiectasia (broken veins) and sure ocular manifestations. Major phenotypes normally accompany the above diagnostic phenotypes, nonetheless even if neither of the diagnostic phenotypes are present, you can nonetheless be identified with rosacea if you current with at the very least two of the main phenotypes.
  • SECONDARY PHENOTYPESBurning or stinging, swelling (oedema) and dry physical appearance. These indicators are not essential for prognosis and are not regarded sufficient to type a analysis in isolation.

I have place these into a handy flowchart for those people of you who choose a quiz or visual structure:

Definitely, it need to go without the need of stating that, this is not a prognosis in itself. You need to get a definitive analysis from your HCP just in case – rosacea can present like numerous other conditions and it’s always a good strategy to be certain you are dealing with your skin in the ideal way.

I hope you found this publish valuable. Have a glimpse down below for what to browse future if you are looking for more rosacea information and facts, suggestions, and information.

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