Brilliant DIY videos show how to make a Louis Vuitton bag for just $45

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A handful of viral TikTok videos are breaking down how to make a Louis Vuitton bag at home for just $45.

The videos don’t show how to make a knockoff version of the designer brand’s totes — which is illegal in the US under federal trademark law — but rather demonstrate how to make a unique new tote bag using one of Louis Vuitton’s shopping bags and a PVC tote bag kit.

In recent months, Louis Vuitton’s tote-style bags, specifically its Onthego monogram design, which costs anywhere from $2,630 to $5,300 depending on the size and style, have become must-have items for fashion fans the world over. But for many, the sky-high price tag puts the bag well out of their budget. 

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But now crafty style mavens can put their own personal spin on the trend by making their own version of the tote for a mere fraction of the price.  

It’s unclear where the idea originate, though TikTok user Erika Nina shared her version on February 23.

She showed how she started off with an orange paper shopping bag from Louis Vuitton and a $45 tote bag DIY kit from Totery.

First, she carefully cuts out the fabric handles.

Turning to the DIY kid, she opens the clear PVC case and fits it around the outside of the LV shopping bag before tucking the overhanging pieces in to surround the paper on all sides and adding a hard base to the bottom.

Next, she punches holes and uses a set of screws to fasten a faux-leather handle on each side. 

Finally, she adds rings on either end that could hold a longer strap should she decide to add it later and finishes the whole thing off with a silk scarf, tied to the handle. 

The video has earned nearly three quarters of a million views on TikTok, as well as plenty of amazed comments. 

Several have also speculated that Louis Vuitton  will be making its own pricey version in no time.

‘LV is going to recreate this and sell it for $5,500,’ wrote one.

‘Yoooo I would not be surprised if Louis Vuitton steals YOUR IDEA,’ wrote another.

‘Girl I hope they don’t find it and steal, this is amazing,’ said one more. 

Erika did, however, note that the cost of the DIY Louis Vuitton tote cost a bit more than just the Totery kit: Since Louis Vuitton won’t just hand out shopping bags for free, she did have to buy something. 

The video has been followed by several others. A TikTok account for made a similar DIY video that has earned nearly half a million views.

And designer Kellie Ford tried the project, too, sharing her own tutorial on TikTok and Twitter. 

‘I love DIY projects because I love turning nothing into something,’ she told BuzzFeed. ‘I love not having to go out and buy something from the store and using things I may just have at home.’  

Kellie’s video has earned even more attention, racking up nearly ten million views on Twitter. 

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