Are You Wondering about These Questions on the Side Part Bob Wig, Headband Wig Human Hair & U Part Wig Human Hair? Luvme Hair Simply and Concisely Answers Them

Annette K. Brown

You can create a different and charismatic look by wearing the side part bob wig

When you aspire for an easy installation and simple use, the headband wig human hair would be the ideal choice for you.  

If you are in pursuit of simplicity, a natural look and economy, you can try on the U part wig human hair.

In this article, we will answer briefly the questions you might wonder about these wigs. 

Can you explain to me how I can part my hair?

You can part your hair mainly in three ways.  

Center or middle part: This part can be easily achieved. It gives your hair a symmetric look. It is best for round faces. Because it shows your face longer. 

Off-center part: This part is not exactly in the middle. It shifts slightly to the right or left. In that way, you can have some flexibility. It adds depth, especially to square faces. 

Side part: You part your hair to the right or the left. In that way, you have a nice and natural hair look. You can have a side part in many different ways. 

And, you can have these parts with your wig. The side part bob wigs allow you to have a side part to the right or the left. 

Which part is suitable for my face shape?

Middle part is the best for round faces. Any part can go with oval faces. Side parts give your square face a round look. Deep side parts would be good for heart-shaped faces. Diamond faces can be softened by side parts. 

How can I install my side part wig?

First of all, wear a wig cap. Put on the wig and adjust it using its elastic bands. Cut the lace in a way that ensures the seamless look of your hairline. Apply some glue and stick it using a blow dryer. Comb your wig and part it on the side. If you want, you may leave out some baby hairs. 

Can you define what the headband human hair is? 

The headband wig human hair is a high-quality human hair wig that can be installed shortly through its inbuilt combs. Also, these wigs allow you to switch up your look by means of their colorful headbands that you can use at different times when you wear your wig.

How can I install my headband wig human hair?

Wear a wig cap or use your natural hair as a foundation before you install the wig. Put on the wig and attach it to the wig cap or your natural hair using the inbuilt combs on it. Secure the wig with the wig’s headband. You can use a different headband at a time when you install your wig. Finally, style and part your wig as you wish.   

How can I care for my headband wig human hair?

As this wig is made of 100 % human hair, you have to care for it as if it was your natural hair. You have to wash and condition your wig properly and regularly, but do not wash it too frequently. Use high-quality shampoo or care products. Do not sleep with your wig. You can store the wig on a mannequin head  or in a satin bag.  

Can you tell me the difference between the headband wigs human hair and lace front wigs? 

Headband wigs are simple wigs that can be installed instantly. You do not have to cut the lace, apply glue or pluck the hairline. On the other hand, lace front wigs require all of these processes and take time to install. 

Please, define to me what the U part wig human hair is 

These wigs are high-quality human hair wigs with a U-shaped opening at the top. The U-shaped opening can be in the middle or on the sides. These are protective, natural and economical wigs. 

Are these wigs good for my natural hair? 

You can blend your natural hair with this wig. That is why your hair can breathe, which is good for the hair. Also, you do not use glue with these wigs. This also has a protective effect on your natural hair. 

How can I install my U part wig human hair?

First of all, you decide how much your natural hair you leave out. Part and style this leave-out hair. Prepare the rest of the hair as a foundation. Then, put on the wig and attach it to your natural hair using clips or combs. Finally, make final adjustments on your wig. 

What is the difference between U part wigs human hair and V part wigs?

The main difference is their U opening and V opening. These openings also create a difference on their adjustable range. The adjustable range of U part wigs human hair is bigger than the one of V part wigs. It allows for more hairs for a more natural hairline. 

You can pick and buy your favorite side part wig, headband wig human hair or U part wig human hair from Luvme Hair’s unique wig collection. We offer quality at reasonable prices.

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