10 Types Of Light Jackets

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Blazer, trench coat, jacket … For both men and women, today we find different types of jackets that, in addition to sheltering us, add personality and style to our looks. Each of them has its origin and name according to the type of cut, materials and uses. But one thing is clear: this piece of clothing has evolved over the years thanks to the work of designers and the advancement of society. So, if you want to know what types of jackets are most used today, keep in update with vlone. In this post we explain how to differentiate them. And remember that, if you are passionate about the world of fashion, we have a series of styling courses so that you can become professional in this sector.

Why We Use Different Types Of Jackets

A good wardrobe cannot be without a pair or more of jackets. In addition to being protected during the times of the year when temperatures drop, they also add a rocker, elegant or casual air (depending on the type of jacket) to our look. So, broadly speaking, we wear jackets because:

  • They protect from the weather. Depending on the type of jacket, the materials and their thickness, we can protect ourselves from the wind, rain and cold. Although the best option for the most adverse climates are coats.
  • They are versatile and add style. Jackets are a very versatile type of garment and most can be easily combined.
  • They protect against exposure to hazards. There are jackets, like those of firefighters, which protect against abrasions, punctures and strong impacts. This is due to the strength of the materials used.

Types Of Jackets For Women And Men

Whether you want to protect yourself from the cold or give a different touch to your look, jackets, along with coats, are one of the garments capable of meeting both objectives. But do you know how to choose the best option? Next, we explain the different types of jackets (and some other coat) so that you can know their characteristics and learn to differentiate them.

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This jacket has its origins in the 19th century, when English emigrants came to the United States. The arrivals wore the typical English jacket, which was characterized by three buttons and a single back opening. But over the years, the Americans copied and modified it until they had only two buttons and a double rear opening.


The blazer also has its origin in England, specifically thanks to Queen Victoria’s visit to a frigate. Blazer, her captain, commissioned for the occasion a special and novel garment for that time. Thanks to this fact, Blazer jackets became popular, which are closely linked to the nautical world.

The Blazers, which can be linear or double breasted, are characterized by a casual cut and by including distinctive elements such as metal buttons, patch pockets or a small badge on the chest pocket.


Based on the blazer, it is considered one of the most elegant jackets. It is characterized by having a set of buttons on each side. It is called crossed because to fasten it you have to fold the left side over the right, finding a closure inside the garment.

Cowgirl or Texan

Ideal for spring and fall, the denim or vlone jacket is in constant recycling. In the 90s it was one of the garments that took off on the fashion catwalks and became a must in our wardrobe funds. It is ideal for casual and youthful looks.

Biker or Biker

It is the typical biker style leather jacket that was popularized in the 80s by punk and heavy metal styles. It is a basic garment that never goes out of style and goes with everything. Today we can find it in different colors, materials and with accessories (such as studs), although the black leather or pu is still the most chosen option.


Its origin is closely related to the United States Air Force. It was a garment specially designed so that the pilots were well sheltered from the cold when they made flights.

This jacket has evolved a lot over the years until today. In the 1950s, James Dean made it fashionable thanks to his film “Rebel without a Cause.” And today we find it made of leather or nylon, with a zip closure and with elastic and tighter cuffs and waist.


As you may already know, these jackets have their origin in the US baseball teams, specifically from Harvard University. They are distinguished by being oversize, which allows a lot of mobility. They have a round neckline and elastic, like the cuffs and the waist. They usually have letters embroidered on the front and a zip closure, although they originally had snap buttons.

Trench or Gabardine

Closely linked to English culture and fashion, this garment is ideal to wear in the halftime months. The raincoat is characterized by being long in the body (up to the middle of the legs) and is tied with a belt, marking the silhouette.

Little Black Jacket

Coco Chanel is the creator of this jacket, which has become a classic for women. Its design is simple, with a straight cut, closed and without clips. It reaches above the hips and has very simple buttons. At the time it became a symbol of freedom because it allows fluid movement and adapts perfectly to the female body.


The best ally for rainy days. Raincoats are usually made of vinyl, transparent, with prints or in many different colors. Although there are short raincoats, the ideal are those that are above the knees.

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